A light tower is a piece of mobile equipment which has one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast. Almost always, the lights are attached to the mast, which is attached to a trailer, with a generator set to power the lamps. Normally the lamps are metal halide bulbs and the generator is powered by a diesel engine. However, battery-powered, solar-powered and hydrogen-powered sets are available; light towers with electrodeless lamps lighting are also sold. Modular kits permit separation of the generator set, trailer, lights and mast from each other. Another variation is an inflatable mast.[1] Particularly when an inflatable mast is used, the lights may be placed close to the ground, with a reflector attached to the mast.[2] When soft lighting is wanted, an inflatable “balloon” diffuser may be used. An inflatable mast may serve as a diffuser.

Light towers are used for construction. Some purveyors promote their use for other activities where strong, temporary, outdoor illumination may be wanted, such as mining, motion picture production, demolition,[3] emergency services, oil refining, sport or agricultural sectors.

4 x 120 Watt LED

Electric welders are used in many different areas of industrial work from automobile repairs to the production of refrigerators and stoves that we use in our homes every day. The automobile industry regularly uses welding to construct the metal frames of automobiles. This process is primarily carried out by automating the process so that it can be done using robots. This method of production is also used in the manufacturing of many household appliances such as dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators. The use of electric welding in these areas allows for mass quantities to be produced in a fraction of the time it would take if the welding was being performed by humans.

400 AMP ~ 500 AMP